KQ10068452 Safety Light Curtain (Set) With Brackets (1 Set)

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SKU: KQ10068452
Light Curtain

Safety light curtains reliably and cost-effectively protect against access into hazardous points and areas. These safety light curtains have built-in guarding, the narrowest exposed lens surface in the industry, and are designed with recessed impact resistant housings that prevent damage from parts, tools and equipment.

System complete with:

1 Set – Safety Light Curtain – detection capability 0.98” - .25mm / Beam Access Pitch 0.79” – 20mm
1 Set – Adjustable Angle Brackets
1 – Type 4 Quick Disconnect Safety Relay complete with 0.3 m cable and 10m Junction Cable
1 – AC Power Supply - Dedicated Power Source with Class 2 Output
1 – Floor Post Kits (x2) + 8 Concrete Mounting Screws
1 - A2MC Integration Kit

Note 1: This system is for a single zone. For systems that require more than one zone, please contact Customer Service to obtain a quote.

Note 2: Product installation is not included. Please call Customer Service for a quote if installation is required.

    • Strong: Built-in guarding and the narrowest exposed lens surface in the industry.
    • Simple: Reduce installation time with simple wiring and easy-to-use mounting brackets.
    • Smart: No Dead Zone, 7-segment display, One-line Wiring System.


Reduces installation time with simple wiring and easy-to-use mounting brackets. No Dead Zone, 7-segment display (if an error is detected by the light curtain, the 7-segment display provides a code that indicates the cause, which greatly reduces the time required to take corrective action), One-line Wiring System. Dedicated safety relay.

These safety curtains are used for human protection and product/machine safety where risks cannot be eliminated by machine design and the process might require open and frequent access.


        • Thick and robust housing that resists impact. The Safety Light Curtains are designed with a 3 mm thick housing that protects the light curtain body from various forms of impact, such as dropping equipment or hitting it with tools.


        • No need for additional guarding. The Safety Light Curtains can be installed and remain protected WITHOUT the use of additional U-channel type guarding, which simplifies installation and reduces cost.


        • IP65/IP67 enclosure rating. The Safety Light Curtains housing meets IP65/IP67 enclosure ratings based on IEC and JIS standards, enabling its use in washdown environments without fear of damage to the light curtain. IP65: Water-jet (washdown) resistant IP67: Watertight.


        • Robust, yet slim. The overall size of the Safety Light Curtain has been reduced to save space on equipment while maintaining a high level of durability.


      • Long range. The range of the Safety Light Curtain have been increased for use in applications requiring protection up to 15 m.
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