70015: AXYZ V-Cutter 130 Deg Bit

SKU: 70015
 AXYZ,AXYZ V Bits for ACM,Router Bits,Router Parts,Tooling for Aluminum

The AXYZ V-Cutters meet all major ACM manufacturers' cutting specifications.

Tip Dia: 3mm

Angle: 130 Deg

Type: Arbor, large (2-1/2" Long)

Use Blade: 70016

Flute Type: V Bit

The AXYZ V-Cutters are specially designed for ACM cutting. The carefully engineered flat bottoms are ideal when processing ACM as they prevent the paint from cracking when the panels are bent to their final shape. These v-cutters come in two pieces, the blade insert and the main body (Arbor). The binary design of these tools allow the blades to be easily changed while keeping the tool rigid and accurate at the same time. 

NOTE: All Arbors have a shank diameter of 1/2".

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