LMT Belin - 33476A 3/16" Cut Diameter Upcut Router Bit

SKU: 33476A
  • 3/16 inch
  • LMT Belin
  • Upcut
  • 3/16 inch
  • 1/2 inch

The Belin Upcut Router Bits are designed specifically for use on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. The cut length is shortened to provide maximum rigidity and avoid any damaging vibration while cutting.

Cut Diameter: 3/16"

Shank: 3/16"

Cut Length: 1/2"

Overall Length: 2"

Flute Type: Upcut

Belin cutters are renowned for their quality and durability and this is our most popular choice for machining aluminum. 

Geometry: Single flute, upward spiral

Material: Solid carbide

Min Cut Diameter: 1/8 inch

Max Cut Diameter: 3/8 inch

Use for: aluminum, aluminum composite and all non-ferrous metals