WARDJet - WaterJet Bulk Abrasive Hoppers

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WARDJet offers two types of bulk abrasive hoppers. 

Pressurized Hoppers

All hoppers are built specifically for waterjet operation.  They include features such as a heavy top mesh screen to filter out impurities, a full cover/lid to keep abrasive dry, pressure regulator, water filter, on/off valves, delivery elbow at the base of the tank, closure valve, two sight glasses, and flange to receive optional low-level sensor.  All systems are ASME certified. It can be plumbed for up to 4 cutting heads. Pressurized hoppers come in three sizes: 1000 lb, 2200 lb, and 4000 lb.

SmartFeed Hoppers

The unique feature of the WARDJet SmartFeed bulk abrasive hopper is that it can be refilled while the waterjet is cutting. This can be accomplished because only a very small volume of abrasive is pressurized versus the traditional bulk feed hopper where the entire vessel must be pressurized and then de-pressurized when you need to refill it. These hoppers are optimally designed to feed one cutting head per hopper. SmartFeed hoppers come in three sizes: 400 lb, 1000 lb, and 2200 lb.


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