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CNC Shop is the preferred after-sales service and OEM supplier of consumables, spare parts and upgrades for all types of CNC routers and Waterjet machines. We possess over 30 years of exposure to both the needs of customers and the functionality of our CNC machines and WaterJet machines. This wealth of knowledge has shaped the way our thought leaders and industry experts have become your trusted-advisors and consultants. 

Customers from all backgrounds – new and those who have been with us for years – can take advantage of the resources that are readily available to assist them along the way. CNC Shop is the one-stop shop for your CNC router and Waterjet needs. We carry one of the widest ranges of in-stock tooling and accessories and pride ourselves on low prices and friendly, responsive service. 

Our continuous development and innovation allow us to constantly release new products, options, and enhancements suitable for your existing machines.

Our programs can assist your business if you are outgrowing your machine, need higher productivity, or just want to improve quality or add flexibility.  Our team of technicians is fully trained on machine installation, moving and re-installation. If you are moving factory or just rearranging your existing one, contact us to discuss your requirements. 

The partnership with our world-wide leading AAG manufacturers of CNC routers and waterjet cutting solutions has enabled a collaboration of global experience with your local CNC Shop service team.

Our factory-trained engineers are on hand at each location and CNC, our 24/7 online store provides a single source to suit any project, configured to your exact application requirements, budget and timeline.  

CNC Shop is a division of AAG, and sole source of OEM parts for AAG Partners,  AXYZ and WARDJet.


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