WARDJet - Preventative Maintenance Service Visit

Starting from $595 plus travel & expenses. Please call for price and availability.
Your WARDJet machine is a critical component of your business. Keep your waterjet system reliable and accurate with our on site 25-POINT PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE VISIT. Catching any maintenance or accuracy issues early is key to preventing costly downtime or inaccurate parts.

During the visit, our technician will:
  • Ballbar the system to get a base reading
  • Correct for square using the ball bar results
  • Check and lubricate the motion components and bearings
  • Measure and document Z-backlash
  • Check the condition of the grates or chain depending on the Series of waterjet
  • Backup the controller, inspect the electrical cabinet and test the E-stops
  • Calibrate the mini hopper, inspect the abrasive lines and clean the abrasive breathers
  • Check the cutting head for efficiency
  • Confirm status of orifice, nozzle and actuator
  • Check the incoming water pressure at the pump and across filters
  • Check the condition of pump filters
  • Test accumulator for pressure
  • Verify hydraulic oil level and note any leaks
  • Cut an accuracy test part and review and communicate the results
  • Provide a maintenance report outlining the work done, the status of critical components, a ball bar report on system accuracy and recommendations on any areas of concern that should be addressed

  • Make a preventative maintenance visit part of your annual maintenance program. Contact us today at 844-CNC-SHOP for a quote and available dates.
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