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Technical Information - AXYZ CNC Router Machine

Router Technical Information

Achieve Optimum Performance

Cutters and holding mechanisms play an important part in a CNC router. These key components are often overlooked, resulting in reduced productivity and poor quality of parts produced on the router. Tooling can have the most impact on the performance of the machine in terms of cut quality and productivity.

Of course, the machine settings, including feed rate, depth of cut and spindle rpm, also can have a major effect on the machine performance. If the wrong cutter is being used, no amount of tweaking of the machine settings ever will achieve optimum performance.

Our factory-trained experts have provided the technical information below to assist you in the selection and use of cutters and collets in your CNC router.  

Cutting Problems 

Tool Materials
and Geometry


Tool and Collet

Spare Parts List 


Feeds and Speeds 


Tutorial Videos


Tutorial Videos

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