AXYZ - AXYZ Remote Video Training

Online Training

Remote video training utilizes an app, an IP camera and a tripod at your location and ours. This allows our technician to give perfect instructions and then verify that the trainees can perform the steps safely and competently. Remote video training sessions can be purchased in 1 hour increments. We recommend 2 hours minimum to get the best experience. If you are on Net 30 terms, be aware that this item must be paid in advance. Access will be granted upon receipt of payment.>>


Once your order is received, our team will contact you to schedule the time and take payment information for shipping and a deposit on the camera. The deposit will be refunded in full once the camera is returned.

>Do you have an Elite package? If so, please call or e-mail us to take advantage of the 3 included hours of video training in your package.

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