LMT Belin - 12010 1mm Cut Diameter Downcut Router Bit

SKU: 12010
  • 3 mm
  • LMT Belin
  • Downcut
  • 1 mm
  • 4 mm

The Belin Downcut Router Bits are suitable for use on a wide range of material types, but are not designed for general-purpose use. They produce excellent results when used on thin sheet stock or on materials which have a top surface which is easily chipped.

Cut Diameter: 1mm

Shank: 3mm

Cut Length: 4mm

Overall Length: 30mm

Flute Type: Downcut

Geometry: Single flute, downward spiral

Material: Solid carbide

Min Cut Diameter: Metric range: 1mm, imperial range: 1/8 inch

Max Cut Diameter: Metric range: 6mm, imperial range: 1/2 inch

Use for Thin sheet materials up to approx 1/8" or materials which damage easily due to chipping

The Belin Downcut Router Bits have a downward spiral flute design which tends to push the material down onto the machine bed during cutting. This is very useful when processing thin sheet materials of almost any type which would otherwise be lifted from the bed by a more conventional upward spiral bit. The downward force created by this tool helps to hold the material in place, reducing the chance of poor or inaccurate cutting due to material movement or vibration.

Materials such as laminated woods or plastics often have top surfaces which are prone to chipping when cut with an upward spiral tool. In these applications, the downward spiral geometry is very effective in eliminating delamination on the upper surface.

The downward spiral pushes chips and dust created by the cutting process deeper into the cut toward the machine bed. For this reason, dust-extraction systems are not as effective when these tools are used and they are typically not recommended for general-purpose cutting.


Belin is recognized worldwide for the quality of its cutting tools. By starting with the best-quality solid carbide and using flexible and modern machining centers, Belin manufactures accurate router bits of consistent high quality producing outstanding cutting results and providing excellent durability.

Recommended for

This type of tool is recommended for use on:

All types of thin wood, plastic, foam or aluminum sheets which may distort or lift when cut with an upcutspiral bit.

Any material, such as wood, plastic laminates and plywood, which has an upper surface that can be easily chipped.

Feeds and Speeds

Typical settings for the 1/4" (12635) tool profile cutting thin acrylic sheet are:

Feed rate: Approx 100 inch/min
Spindle rpm: 22,000 - 24,000
Max cut depth: 1 x diameter

NOTE: These values should be used for guidance only. Under most conditions, they will be a reliable starting point. With experience, you may well find that they can be improved to better suit specific machining applications.

Maintenance Tips

These tools are very hard and wear-resistant but they are susceptible to damage caused by careless handling. Always store tools in individual packaging to avoid damage caused by contact with other tooling. Even a very small chip in the cutting edge will cause unwanted marks on the workpiece and lead to faster tool wear.