CNC Shop - 20257 11-12mm ER 32 Collet

SKU: 20257
ER 32
  • 11-12 mm
  • CNC Shop

A wide selection of metric and imperial ER type standard collets. These are suitable for use with several spindles including Perske, Elte, Colombo and HSD.

Shank: 11-12mm

Type: ER 32

It is essential to use the correct size collet for the tool shank diameter. First make sure you are looking at the right type of collet to fit the spindle on your machine and then select the required size from either the metric or imperial range.

Use the table below to select the right size of ER collet. The example spindles shown are just a small selection of where these collets can be used. Even if your spindle is listed the best way to check compatibility is to compare the dimensions in the table with one of your existing collets.

Collet Type D1 (mm) L (mm) Example Spindle Types
ER16 17 27.5 Colombo RC73, 1.5kw (2HP)
ER20 21 31.5 Perske KRS35 (1/2" capacity), 1.2kw, 1.7kw
ER25 26 34

Elte TMPE3, 2.2kw (3HP)
Colombo RC90, 4.1kw (5.5HP)

ER32 33 40 Elte TMPE4  TMPE5, 3.7kw (5HP), 4.5kw (6HP), 7kw (10HP)
HSD 4kw (5HP), 7kw (10HP)
Colombo RC110, 10kw 


Collets should be replaced every 3 - 6 months. This will avoid problems associated with worn collets including:

poor cut quality
  • reduced tool life
  • premature tool breakage
  • tools working loose whilst cutting