AXYZ - A2MC Vision System (AVS) App


The AVS App is used to manage and run your jobs. It includes quite a bit of features, including a remote sub console, camera settings, vision settings and much more.

In order to activate your applications you must Download App Manager.


This app can only be updated for 1 year, from the time of installation.
  • A2MC Apps are only supported with machines equipped with the A2MC controller and area equipped with Modbus boards version 550 or greater. If you are unsure, then please contact AXYZ Tech Support before purchasing.

    ***Return policy does not apply to downloadable software products which, once ordered, cannot be returned or refunded. If you are on Net 30 terms, be aware that this item must be paid in advance. Access will be granted upon receipt of payment.

    The A2MC Vision System (AVS) App is designed to be used with an IP camera (supported models are currently AXIS and Vivotek). To be able to use all the features of this app, it is highly recommended to use the AXIS P1354 IP camera, which is provided to you by AXYZ if you have purchased the AVS Option. This app allows you to move the machine in multiple ways through the app, so you can scan for the dots, it allows you to modify your camera settings on the fly to fine tune your image for the best detection, you're able to start and stop the job through the app and you have the ability to move to preset origin. The dot size that the app scans for can also be adjusted to give you flexibility on smaller or larger dot sizes.

    This app allows you to manage and run your AVS jobs. It features a remote smart console which appears on your computer screen, so you will be able to manage your jobs and machine from PC without having to use the sub console on the table. It is very important to be able to visually see your table when using the remote console feature and you are responsible to ensure that no one is around the CNC machine while operating the table with the remote console.

    Note that once the app's access code has been activated a refund cannot be issued.

    Do you have an Elite, Advantage, Gold, or Silver Package? Please contact technical support for your free Apps to ensure they will work with your hardware setup.

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