RobbJack - CD8-203-04 2 Flute Regular Length Downshear Solid Carbide Spiral Router on 1/4" Shank bit

SKU: CD8-203-04

The C8 series are great for applications that require multiple size tools all with common 1/4" diameter shanks. The larger shank also helps with rigidity and improves performance. The CD8 series are downshear tools with high positive rake angles for non-ferrous materials like aluminum, brass, copper, and wood. This tool is a stub length 2 flute downshear tool. This helps to put downward force on the material keeping laminated materials or sensitive materials from chipping on the top edge.

Cut Diameter: 1/8"

Shank: 1/4"

Cut Length: 1/2"

Overall Length: 2.5"

Flutes: 2

Flute Type: Downcut

This series is also made from the most wear resistant carbide.

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