AXYZ - 028138 3/5 HP ELTE/HSD Mister (Maroon)

SKU: 028138

For cutting non-ferrous metals including aluminium, brass and copper, the Unist mister operates with more precision and reliability than other dispensing system available. The result is a continuous output of a micro fine lubricant mist providing better cut finish and longer tool bit life.

Selecting the correct Unist Mister System:

028138, 028140, and 029125 are for 3-5HP spindles.

028139, 028141, and 029126 are for 10HP spindles.

Note: The Unist Mister System fits most router tables - call Customer Care to ensure this system is right for you.

We have changed the colour of the misters to match the router table colour, so all the new misters are black in colour.

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