AXYZ - 029820 Contactor - 24V AC Coil 50AMP

SKU: 029820

Contactors are used to safely supply power to the CNC machine controls and can be found on all control panels.   Contactors are rated by the coil voltage which can range between 24 and 240 volts and can have either an AC or DC supply.  Most contactors used in AXYZ equipment have 24V AC 50/60Hz coils.   They are also rated by general purpose current which must be at least the Amperage in the main fuses. 

When replacing a contactor ensure that the coil voltage and the general purpose current matches the system.

On some of the machines, due to compatibility,if the contactor goes bad then both contactor and overload need replaced.

Please note that if you are replacing an older contactor or overload to one of these new ones, both must be changed. Call AXYZ on the above number for more details.

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