AXYZ - 25595 Universal Nose Rider PF ACM

SKU: 25595
pressure foot part

The universal adjustable nose riding system is designed to fit with high capacity pressure foot and is used to very precisely set the cutting depth of a tool. It is commonly used for v-grooving ACM materials but can be used where ever high precision depths are required.

The nose riding system consists of two steel cylinders. One with an external thread, the other with an internal thread. Turning one cylinder on top of the other allows for a very precise depth calibration. A locking ring is also included to lock the setting in place so machine vibrations do not affect the cut quality or depth. The system also entirely encloses the tooling for safety as well as superior chip removal. 

It is designed to fit with any HSD spindle and 10 hp Elte spindles. If used with a 5 hp Elte then a reducing bushing, part number 25578 will also be required.

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