AXYZ - 29712 Right 5Y Pressure Foot 2" and 4" Hose, 18" (Z) Carriage

SKU: 029712
5Y Pressure Foot

The Universal 5Y pressure foot plays just as vital a role as the high capacity pressure foot. It has been specifically engineered to accept 2" or 4" diameter hoses and allows for manual adjustment of the ride height for faster material and tool setup often demanded in today's busy workplace.

This is ideal for use in situations where the material being processed may be damaged by a conventional pressure foot.

The Universal 5Y Pressure Foot can be easily set to ride just a short height above the material surface. Swarf extraction is highly efficient thanks to the unique internal cyclonic design.

Single head machines require the left hand option
  • Dual head machines require the right hand option
  • The 5Y pressure foot can be used with both 2" and 4" diameter hoses.
  • Longer stroke versions are available for machines with higher Z allowances. Please contact us for further information and manufacturing lead times for longer stroke versions of the 5Y pressure foot.

    029712: Right 5Y Pressure Foot

    029711: Left 5Y Pressure Foot

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