AXYZ - 70027 Medium Density Foam Tile

SKU: 70027
Foam Tile
Height: 1/32 (.03125") (.79375 mm) 
  • Width: 12" (12.0") (304.8 mm) 
  • Length: 16"'
  • Accommodates varied part shapes and part layouts
  • Reusable/low cost
  • Works with existing cut files
  • Easy to use
  • Qty 25

    Vacuum hold-down of materials has become the industry standard when routing, but this technique is dependent on the contact area of the parts being routed. AXYZ now offers a new product that allows for routing of small parts without the need for custom jigs. It's proven to reduce, if not eliminate, the need for tabs on small parts. This new product can be applied to standard MDF board and concentrates the vacuum on the parts, while providing flexibility with respect to part shape and part layout.

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