Amana - A51478 3/16" Cut Diameter Upcut Router Bit

SKU: A51478

Amana Solid Carbide Spiral 'O' Flute Upcut Bits for Aluminum

Cut Diameter: 3/16"

Shank: 1/4"

Cut Length: 5/8"

Overall Length: 2"

Flute Type: Upcut

Using the highest quality sub-micrograin carbide these bits have a special proprietary edge processing system featuring a super high polished cutting edge with a unique “mirror finish” resulting in clean cuts, less chance for chip re-welding, a superior surface finish and a longer tool life. Right hand helix right hand cut.

Use for: Profile cutting Aluminum, ACM and non ferrous metals

Specifically designed for a variety CNC machining applications excellent for cutting:

ALPOLIC® Copper Composite
Material (CCM)
Aluminum 5052
Aluminum 6061
Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum Composite
Materials (ACM)

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