AXYZ - Automatic Label Printer

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Automatic Label Printer

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OVERVIEW: >The optional Automated Label Printer is a fast and accurate method of panel identification for PANELBuilder machines. The device prints using thermal printing technology, requiring both thermal transfer ribbon and label rolls. The label applicator houses the suction pad which is used to pick up a label from the printer using vacuum pressure. The machine is programmed to apply the label onto a specified location on the workpiece.

Couple the Automated Label Printer with PANELBuilder software version 19 or higher to use the state-of-the-art PANELTracker feature. PANELTracker allows you to manage the workflow of your production process. Minimize rework and wait time with this great new tracking feature!


  • The Automated Label Printer prints and applies labels onto panels using bar code technology. Automatic label printing speeds up the labeling process and reduces the number of costly mistakes.
  • The Automated Label Printeris fully compatible with the PANELTracker software, which enables easier tracking of damaged panels.
  • The Automated Label Printer comes with standard or user-definable label locations, templates and defined label generation.
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