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The PANELBuilder brand of CNC router and software has been designed specifically to quickly and efficiently process large volumes of ACM/MCM, High-Pressure laminates, and Fiber Cement Board sheets.

PANELBuilder 22, the latest version of the software, introduces new features designed to maximize productivity such as the Ultimate Nest function. This improved nest function can save the user material costs through better optimized nesting throughout the entire project. With PANELTracker and the Automated Label Printer, the system is now capable of managing the flow of panels through manufacturing processes. 

Major Update

Improved Cutting Strategies

In applications such as processing aluminum or high-pressure laminates (HPL), “ramp style plunging” can prolong the life of standard endmills as this tends to reduce stress, heat on the bottom surface of the tool. The latest version of the software allows users to set ramps on tags where required. If the distance of the tag is smaller than the specified ramp length or angle, the software will automatically calculate motion needed and move downwards in “zig zag” fashion.

Workflow refinements

New with this version is the ability to automatically create a project, save it and manage project files as required. This workflow change reduces the steps that were previously required. 

OS Compatibility (Minimum)

  • 6A

A2MC Controller (Minimum)

  • A2MC Revision 6
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