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Safety Mat

Perimeter Switch Mats, are devices which are used to guard the floor area around an unsafe zone. They can be used to provide primary guarding where other type of guarding may be inflexible or impractical and also to provide secondary guarding i.e. they can be used in conjunction with an interlocked fence or light curtain to protect awkward shaped machinery. In essence, to provide presence-sensing of operators for as long as they remain inside a unsafe area. 

Mats can be supplied in a variety of configurations to suit different machine sizes and locations. Please call for a custom quotation to suit your needs.

The Perimeter Switch mat operates when pressure (usually from an operator’s foot) is applied to the mat surface.

The result is a signal being to the safety mat controller which in turn will send a stop to the machine control system. The dimensions and the positioning of the mats should be installed in accordance with local and state guidelines. The aluminium edging is be used to fix the mats in position on the floor.

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The Perimeter Control Box is the controller for sensitive sensors provided with four wires (fail-safe condition) to meet category 3, as given by EN 954.At the open circuit of switch edge, mat, bumper in    normal condition, the two relays are ON, while the pressure on the sensor causes the relays OFF. The  interruption of the cable or the sensor, are detected in OFF condition of two relays, as the short circuit  of the contacts of one relay. For this reason the circuit is named “fail-safe” and meet category 3 as EN  954.


The mats are a product of high quality encapsulated between two layers of vinyl resin with special additives in carbonto give greater abrasion resistance to ensure an IP65 sealing and high resistance to external agents such as water, oils, mineral salts, acids, dust.

They are very resistant to shock, vibration and flammability as a self-extinguishing. The platform is provided in any size and shape. A profile of aluminum particular section and a ramp of 20° is used for attachment to the floor.

·         maximum size for single table 1500x2000 mm
  • ·         PVC coating top branded black 4 mm
  • ·         PVC coating less smooth black 2 mm
  • ·         thickness 9 mm
  • ·         weight per sqm. 12 Kg
  • ·         pressure of 25 Kg drive road test with  80 mm
  • ·         pressure of 45 Kg drive road test with  200 mm
  • ·         contact output NO at 4-wire + ground cable 3 m
  • ·         dead zone perimeter 30 mm
  • ·         degree of protection IP65
  • ·         duration mechanical sensor dl 3 million operations
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