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SMARTREMOVE: The Best Option for Removing Abrasive from Your Waterjet

Abrasive waterjets are commonly used to cut all types of metal as well as a slew of other hard materials including stone, composites, and even glass.  To effectively process these harder, thicker materials, the cutting stream requires the addition of an abrasive medium, typically garnet, which strengthens and accelerates the erosion process. As an abrasive waterjet cuts, the spent abrasive is deposited into the waterjet tank. The accumulation of this abrasive waste can potentially cause issues if left unchecked and must be removed periodically. Regardless of what brand or size of waterjet you have, the simplest and most effective method to remove abrasive is with WARDJet’s SmartRemove System.


Without SmartRemove, common methods to remove abrasive from your waterjet include:

  1. Shoveling - Shoveling is the traditional method of removing abrasive from a waterjet tank. The waterjet must be locked-out, the slats or grates removed, and operators-turned-excavators must climb in the tank to begin the back-breaking task of shoveling out literal tons of abrasive. Depending on the size of the waterjet, the amount of abrasive in the tank, and the number of workers shoveling, this process could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. During this time, production comes to a screeching halt as the tedious removal commences.
  1. Abrasive extractor - Abrasive extractors are essentially modified vacuums that suck the abrasive up and out of the waterjet tank. Depending on the type of abrasive extractor used, the slates or grates may need to be removed. The extractor wand is then manually swept through the entirety of the tank, pulling out abrasive as it moves. While this is a much less labor-intensive method when compared to shoveling, it is still a lengthy process that requires the operation of the waterjet to cease while the abrasive is being removed

No need to waste your valuable time with these processes. The SmartRemove system is your best abrasive removal system that exists on the market today.


The SmartRemove is categorized as a Continuous Abrasive Removal System that constantly removes spent abrasive from the tank without the need to halt operation. Generally, these types of systems are attached to the waterjet itself and require very little human input or supervision once installed. WARDJet’s SmartRemove is one such system that is an affordable alternative to shoveling and abrasive extractors.


All the SmartRemove needs to run is a compressed air hose! It's compact, easy to use, has an extremely small footprint, and ships on a standard pallet right to your door.


Because the SmartRemove functions while the machine is in operation, the tank is never filled with spent abrasive. This eliminates any downtime associated with abrasive removal and reduces the labor costs that come with manually shoveling the tank. The SmartRemove can also be retrofitted to any brand and size of machine and requires minimal upkeep.


SmartRemoveLT is now available for smaller footprint waterjets or waterjets for people who have very limited floor space.  Available for waterjets of any brand.

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VIEW more details about the SmartRemove Abrasive System.


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