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Vacuum Pump Maintenance for High Quality Cutting

If you’re trying to cut small pieces on your CNC router, a strong vacuum bed is key.  If it’s weak, keeping those pieces from flying off the table will be a struggle! A weak vacuum bed also causes the material to shift, creates more scrap pieces and will be unable to maintain the right tolerance levels. Cleaning your router between jobs or when loading new sheets helps to mitigate the problem. The best option is to maintain the vacuum pump, a critical component of a CNC router. You will get better quality cuts, reduce usage of tabs/bridges, minimize secondary processing, and prolong the life of your pump.

To keep your vacuum pump running smoothly, perform these two tasks regularly:

  1. Change Filters. The vacuum pumps have air filters that need to be changed. Clogged filters jeopardize the pump’s efficiency. How often they need to be changed varies by what materials are being cut and other environmental factors such as dust and dirt. Each machine needs to have a filter changing schedule designed for that machine. Generally, all filters should be checked weekly and replaced, as necessary. Click here to buy replacement filters.
  1. Change your vacuum pump oil. After initial pump installation, we recommended to check your oil levels weekly for the first month.  Once you are seeing that your oil level has become stable at 3/4 full, it is safe to then check pump oil levels monthly. CNCShop recommends changing your vacuum pump oil after 2000 hours of use. Buy pump oil here.


Have a question about vacuum pumps or any other CNC router component?

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