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You own a PANELBuilder CNC router and love how fast you can process large volumes of ACM/MCM, High-Pressure Laminates, and Fiber Cement Board sheets. Why upgrade to the latest version? If it's not broke, why fix it, right? WRONG! The AXYZ brand of CNC routers and software is all about taking your business to the next level. If you want to compete in a constantly changing marketplace, you need to keep on top of innovation and continuous improvement. Upgrading to PANELBuilder21 software will provide the benefits you need to both improve and expand your business.


The new PANELBuilder21 software impacts the following 3 workflows:

  1. Nest Optimization - PANELBuilder21 includes a new version of the nester designed to reduce costs by maximizing sheet utilization with an updated algorithm that looks at the cladding project in more depth. You can save up to 8% more material compared to PANELBuilder 19 using this new nester functionality.
  2. Extrusion Cut Lists - The extrusion cut lists feature now has a newly formatted report which produces a combined panel image with further details exportable in pdf format. Additional information includes extrusion dimensions on the panel drawing for easy referencing.
  3. Label Reports - The report producing manual labels has changed and reformatted to be more user-friendly. Label or extrusion reports can be accessed much easier with a new quick report generating tab.


Training services are included with the purchase of PANELBuilder 21 software. Offered in 1-hour or 2-hour blocks to a maximum of 2 trainees.


The PANELBuilder 21 software is designed for all PANELBuilder brand tables. Upgrade packages are available for users with older versions of the software. PANELTracker and Automated Label Printer functionality are only available with versions 19 & 21 of the PANELBuilder software.

SPECIAL PROMOTION! Save up to 12% when you buy the new PANELBuilder21 software and Automated Label Printer together for a limited time only! We're offering this bundle to help you improve the efficiency of your business while reaping the benefits of the latest cladding technology available. Don't be left out! Watch the video here.


Have a question about PANELBuilder software or any other CNC router component?

Give us a call at 1-800-361-3408 or send an email to: For questions about routers, fill out the AXYZ online contact form

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