AXYZ - AXYZ ELITE Service Plan

Support Package

AXYZ Elite is our service plan that covers all technician-level maintenance and provides the best choice for lowest cost of machine ownership. The plan includes unlimited phone support, preventative maintenance performed by our factory-trained technician team, 1 Busch vacuum pump oil and filter change, 1 A2MC repair, 1 SmartConsole/Console repair, online training, video training, a discount on emergency service calls, A2MC software (OS update and APPS - use discount code ELITEAPPS to redeem) and discounts on knife repairs, existing tool specials, mechanical components and training packages. If you are on Net 30 terms, be aware that this item must be paid in advance. Access will be granted upon receipt of payment. Additionally, no preventative maintenance can be performed outside of Canada.

Phone Support

Our team of factory-trained technicians can assist you with the following types of issues over the phone:

Machine initialization issues

  • Error codes
  • Communication issues
  • Cut quality issues
  • Vacuum hold down issues
  • Controller issues
  • SmartConsole/Console issues
  • Spindle and Inverter issues
  • Motion issues
  • Option issues

    Note: Software or Machine operator training, software setup or re-installation of software is not included in this Support Package. Please purchase an online training session with our RouterCoach Department for assistance with your software or training.

    Preventative Maintenance

    One of our factory-trained technicians will visit your facility to perform our 24-point Smart Program – Preventative Maintenance.  Click here for more details. Annual preventative maintenance keeps your table in good working condition and helps to identify problem areas that need to be addressed. This will help to avoid costly down time.

    Busch Vacuum Pump and Oil Change

    During the same visit as the Preventative Maintenance, our technician will replace the oil and intake filter on your Busch vacuum pump. The required replacement interval is based on machine use, but for most shops this is every 1-2 years.

    A2MC SmartConsole/Console Repair

    The A2MC is the heart of your table and sometimes it may require a bit of cleaning or other care to make it work its best. One A2MC service is included in this package and this covers everything from a simple cleanup to fan, battery or full board replacement if needed. This service must be done at the factory so the unit would have to be shipped in and back. A2MC service is top priority and these are typically completed and shipped back out the same day they arrive.

    The SmartConsole or Console is sometimes dropped or otherwise damaged in many busy shops. We can repair most of these issues at the factory. One SmartConsole/Console repair is included in the Elite plan.

    Software Training

    Using TeamViewer, one of our technicians will provide up to 5 hours of software training on VCarve, Aspire or PanelBuilder. This time must be scheduled in advance with our service planning team in 1 hour increments.

    Video Training

    Using an IP camera and tripod on each side, one of our technicians will provide up to 3 hours of machine operator training or application training. We will supply the camera and tripod and cover shipping both to and from your facility. This session must be booked in advance with our service planning team so the camera and tripod kit can be shipped.

    Emergency Service Call Discount

    Up to 3 emergency service calls will be done at the standard rate during the year. Emergency calls are done within 24 hours of request (subject to technician availability) and are charged at a premium rate versus standard service calls.

    A2MC Software

    OS upgrades and any relevant AXYZ Enterprise Apps for your table are included in the plan.


    The following discounts are included:

    15% off all oscillating and tangential knife repairs (repairs done at factory)

    5% additional discount on any existing percentage tooling discounts

    10% off replacement parts (excluding spindles and vacuum pumps)

    15% off training packages over $500



Shipping & Returns